Bao, Certified Canine Good Citizen and Certified Therapy Dog

Bao is a miniature goldendoodle who has a natural talent for bringing joy and happiness wherever he goes. From a young age, Bao has been a friendly and affectionate companion, and his loving nature has made him a popular figure among patients and colleagues in our dental practice.

Inspired by articles that highlighted the benefits of therapy dogs in medical and dental settings, we knew that Bao had the perfect temperament to be a therapy dog. After undergoing professional training and certification, Bao has been able to share his natural gift for comfort and companionship with even more people.

We were confident that Bao could not only benefit our patients but also enrich the lives of others in need. Bao now visits several local public schools and Harvard Medical Campus on a regular basis, where he has quickly become a beloved companion to many.

Bao’s therapy sessions are in high demand, and both he and the people he interacts with always look forward to seeing each other. His loving and playful nature has made a significant impact on those he has met, and he continues to bring happiness and comfort to those around him.

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