Dental Wax: Your Sidekick in Living with Braces

Dental Wax: Your Sidekick in Living with BracesAh, braces. A necessary pain. Braces can be uncomfortable at times, but luckily, that is exactly what dental wax is for. Like a knight in pearly-white armor, dental wax is here to save the day!

What is Dental Wax?

Dental wax is a natural wax, usually made from beeswax, carnauba, or paraffin that you apply to your braces to give them a smoother, more comfortable surface. The wax provides a buffer between the hard metal and your soft mouth. It’s great when your braces feel “scratchy” or when a wire breaks and you need to keep it from stabbing into your mouth while you wait for an orthodontist visit.

Unfortunately, if you accidentally digest even the smallest amount, you’ll need to go to the ER to have it removed from your stomach. Kidding! Only kidding. It wouldn’t make much sense to put a toxic product in your mouth, now, would it? (I’m looking at you, tobacco users). Dental wax is perfectly safe and it’s ok to accidentally swallow some as it wears away. Some waxes may even be flavored with mint or other natural and safe ingredients.

Over time, dental wax will wear away and rub or flake off your braces. That is totally normal, and again, it’s safe to digest. If your braces get uncomfortable, simply apply another layer.

How to Apply It

Before you do anything, wash your hands to avoid putting unwanted germs and bacteria in your mouth. Then, you will want to brush your teeth, specifically focusing on where you want to apply the wax.

The wax itself is solid at room temperature, but you can soften and shape it by squeezing and rolling it around in your hands. You will want to stick with a small amount, maybe the size of a pea. Once the wax is soft enough, simply push it onto the part of the braces where you need it. You could also use your tongue to get it exactly where you want it.

Eating with the wax on can be a little difficult since it may stick to your food. You can remove it before eating, but if you decide to leave it on, be sure to replace any dirty wax after you eat. It wouldn’t do any good to your smile if you had old food stuck to your teeth.

You can use floss to remove the wax as long as you are careful not to damage your braces or gums.

You Can Survive Braces

Life with braces can be a drag sometimes, but it is well worth it. Your orthodontist and dental wax are both there to help. Use the wax as your sidekick to help you survive the day-to-day and always be sure to make an appointment with Charming Smiles Orthodontics if you need help or have questions about living with your braces.